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Find Your Nearest Retailer Frequently Asked Questions > Download and Print EAR CARE REINVENTED ﷯ Whether you are going to SWIM or SHOWER, or perhaps you are looking for a good night`s SLEEP so you can concentrate at WORK or SCHOOL, maybe you are a frequent FLIER or born to be a RIDER, you came to the right place. Over the past 7 years. Otifleks has made life of over a million people better. Some of them had better sleep, others protected themselves from ear infection. Our earplugs are available in multiple sizes. Over 1 Million happy ears. Download Sizing Guide SHOP online
Natural Beeswax Earplugs The most advanced ear care Products Sizing Guide FAQ Follow us on: Email us at: Download sizing guide here. Visit Frequently Asked Questions Foam Earplugs Silicone Earplugs GoodSleep Earplugs Ladybuds Earplugs Shower Safe Earplugs At Otifleks, we as users of traditional earplugs discovered that what people were using just wasn’t comfortable for us or our family members. So we set out to change that. In every way, we wanted to produce better earplugs than ever existed, no matter what use they were designed for. In our journey, we have witnessed our users’ needs first hand, we have set out to continuously improve our products.
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