Key Features

and Uses


Breathing Body


Thermo Reactive Material


Ergonomic Large Flanges


SNR 0 -

no noise



To be used for:


i. Showering                                                 ii. Swimming                    iii. Bathing



Are showers a pain in the ear instead of a relaxing and pleasurable experience?


We have uniquely designed the only earplug available today fashioned exclusively for showering: the ShowerSafe.


If, like millions of individuals worldwide, you need to protect your ears from water contact during showers, common earplugs can cause two undesirable side effects:


•Firstly, the shower’s heat forms sweat droplets within the ear canal. Avoiding liquid contact ın your ears was the purpose of usıng earplugs in the first place! Traditional earplugs make your problems worse!


•Secondly, you are unable to clearly hear your surrounding environment disorientating you and depriving you of your sense of hearing, including the calming sound of running water. NO MORE.


Otifleks ShowerSafe is constructed with a hollow vent traveling continuously through the body of the entire earplug. Air circulates freely and without obstruction drastically reducing the amount of perspiration within the ear canal.


The unique downward pointing vent structure allows the free flow of air whilst protecting agaınst water intrusion.


Interchangeable vent tips allow you to seal the ventilation shaft and use the earplug whilst swimming.


The structure facilitates easy insertion and removal whilst ensuring that not a single drop of water breaches the seal and enters the ear.


Available in four sizes, the ShowerSafe is the revolutionary water blocking earplug many chronic ear condition sufferers have been searching for.


Tested and Certified

Otifleks was developed and manufactured only subsequent intensive consultations from leading physicians and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulations.





Typical earplugs will block noises around you and create a confined, claustrophobic environment.


Otifleks’s breathing body is designed to give you a not-there feel.


Imagine comfortable water protection without hindrance to hearing or air circulation. Experience Showersafe today.

Available in 4 sizes.

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The most advanced ear care Products Sizing Guide Follow us on: Download sizing guide here. At Otifleks, we as users of traditional earplugs discovered that what people were using just wasn’t comfortable for us or our family members. So we set out to change that. In every way, we wanted to produce better earplugs than ever existed, no matter what use they were designed for. In our journey, we have witnessed our users’ needs first hand, we have set out to continuously improve our products.
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